Root Crusher

The Root Crusher is a new and unique machine developed and produced in the Netherlands designed to clean, crush and eliminates any waste roots in the soil of any pot efficiently and quickly.

It also brings oxygen to the deeper layers and helps the roots of the new plant to breath and grow healthy. It also helps to the homogeneous distribution of organic nutrients and at the same time improves the structure and composition of the soil.

For this website we use a modern and stylish Grid GK module, which allows the visitors an easy and nice experience. We also create a stunning grid effect of images. This effect is breathtaking!

The amazing parallax scrolling effects create an illusion of depth and motion to the Root Crusher's webpage.

The result is stunning and will undoubtedly impress the visitors...!

Our role in this project: Hosting, Interface Design, Web & Graphic Design.


> Visit The Root Crusher website.


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